Winners GLH-RO 2018

After a long debate, the jury has decided that team CROWDCASE is the winner of Global Legal Hackathon Romania 2018! Their online marketplace for litigation investment will go on in the competition for the grand prize in New York. Congratulations to Razvan Cirstei, Bogdan Oprea, Ioana Cristian, Roxana Gheorghe and Mihai Branescu for their idea and performance!

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Runner-up – CRYPTOPROOF team, the only blockchain based solution! Brilliant minds!!! Wonderful execution! Great presentation! Definitively disruptive! You’ve been amazing! Real forward thinkers! This is how our industry transforms and keep up with the world wide technology revolution! Congrats Diana Stetiu, Dan-Lucian Roșu, Florentin Alexandru Iftimie, Paul Babus, Marius-Catalin Stanciu and Razvan Furdui!!!!

The 3rd place team of the hackathon is team Power Puff Tech, a young and determined group of girls who developed the solution named QuickLegal. Their project presents an online legal marketplace which will make the law and lawyers more accessible to the millennial generation! An ambitious project with a lot of effort put into it. Well done, girls! Luminita Busuricu, Iulia Caizer, Bianca Florea, Simona Fleanta!

Our special prize of the competition was taken home by the wonderful team GDPReady – Elena Stan, Catalina Finaru and Madalina Spataru. Congrats to all, you’ve been great!